The Wedding Photography Experience


Your journey begins...

We love hearing why our clients are making this commitment to each other and seeking a wedding photographer to document it.  Through conversation, we will discover what makes your bond so special and what you love most about each other.  To photograph you in the most meaningful way, we want to see you through your partner's eyes.  When did you know that this was the person you wanted to share your life with?  How do they show you they love you?  What are those little things they say and do that are just for you? What is something wonderful that only you see in them?  The answers to these types of questions will help us give you a wedding photography experience that is authentic and meaninful.

The Forever Session

Your personalized engagement photo shoot...

During your engagement photography session, our photographers will use their wealth of experience and skills to take the ideas from our conversations and turn them into impactful photographs.  They will be thinking about telling stories that matter to you and how they will come together as a series.

Sessions can be done indoors or outside and generally take 1.5-2 hours.  We have morning and afternoon sessions available throughout the week.  Want Vail engagement photography that really represents you? How about picking an activity that you love doing as a couple and having us photograph it!  Whether it's hiking, biking, going to a cafe, or cooking, you will have the most fun and be most at ease if we follow along on a date.

After your Forever Session, we will get together for a Design Consultation where you will sit back, relax and enjoy a cinematic presentation of your photographs for the very first time.  We will then guide you in selecting your favorites and walk you through creating timeless pieces of Wall Art that tell the story of you without the added pressures of the wedding day timeline.

Photographs look much better when you can actually view them and we are positive you will be thrilled to put them up in gorgeous, custom-designed, collections in your home, office, or workspace.

It's finally here!  The day where you get to declare your love for your partner and commit to sharing a life together.  All the planning that has gone into it will be rewarded with a beautiful, fun celebration of your relationship with the people that are closest to you.  We will have taken the time to uncover the things you were most looking forward to and include them in your wedding photography.  Throughout the day, we will be paying special attention to the little details you prepared and all the important friends and family that came to be there for you.  At Two Elk Studios, we believe it's imperative that we encourage a care-free and fun feeling and we will be there to keep you calm and happy and remembering why you were doing this in the first place!

Your Wedding Day

The day you've been dreaming of...

The Album Premiere and Design Consultation

An Heirloom Wedding Album just for you...

After your wedding, we immediately get to work putting together a complete storytelling of your day in your Heirloom Wedding Album design.  We use everything we've learned about you to custom create a book that displays all of the emotion, excitement, and celebration of the event.  Our designers are experts at this and take care of the difficult job of selecting photographs and arranging them in timeless layouts so that you don't have to.  You've made enough tough decisions leading up to the wedding! Let us handle this for you.  

At your Album Premiere and Design Consultation, we will show you what we've created together and go over each page in detail.  If you want to swap out a photo of your friend Tim for one of Alex, this will be your opportunity.  We will finalize your design and select one of our gorgeous cover options to make a stunning wedding album that is truly yours.  This album is going to be your first family heirloom and will instantly transport you back every time you look at it.

We can't wait to get to know you!  Inquire Now to begin your journey.