Raine | Denver Yoga Photography

It's been way too long since I have posted here and I missed everyone, even though I have no idea how many people actually read my humble blog... :)  I took some photos today for the lululemon product notification and this was one of my favorites.  Raine describes herself as "super bendy" and it's easy to see. Haha.  This is a great full expression of the dancer pose and Raine looks awesome in her lululemon outfit.

Jackson, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park

My very lucky cousin Matt spent the month of May zig-zagging the country on his way from LA to Boston, hitting many of the most amazing parts of America.  His trip was going to bring him through Denver and I wanted to offer a driving companion for a few days of the trip.  I flew up to Jackson, Wyoming to meet him and we spent 3 days making our way down to Colorado.  After Matt picked me up from the airport, we headed straight up to Yellowstone National Park and I had a chance to capture some incredible landscapes and wildlife. Not a bad view from the tarmac when I landed!

The natural pools that form in Yellowstone create these amazing walls along the water out of sediment that I found fascinating.

This mother bison and her calf were sitting right near Old Faithful without giving a thought to the throngs of people gathered to see the eruption from the famous geyser.

The eruption of Old Faithful was definitely one of the coolest natural events I have ever witnessed.  The bison calf began feeding from her mother standing a mere 20 yards from the massive geyser.

On the way back to Jackson, we stopped to watch a massive herd of elk that were gathered in front of the truly majestic Tetons mountain range.

I think these elk had a good idea I was photographing them because they stared at me for a good 10 minutes.  I'm thankful they did.  I love the color of the light reflecting in the stream.

Right before we went to the house we were staying at for the night, I told my cousin to drive us quick to this spot before the sun went completely down over the hills and I was able to capture a couple of beautiful sunsets.