Denver Portrait Photography: Liz B. in Washington Park

Last Saturday, my friend Liz and I went out to Wash Park to take portraits of each other and have some fun.  Liz is another Denver photographer and we both wanted to get out and have some practice being in front of the camera.  I like to try to get pictures of myself taken every so often so that I can know where my clients are coming from.  It is really great experience for me as a photographer to be able to put myself in my subjects' shoes.  Liz and I just walked around Wash Park coming up with ideas as we went and choosing locations that we liked.  She is so easy to photograph because she is always smiling!  We tried to do a couple of poses where she wasn't smiling and it always ended in laughter! Liz had seen this done before somewhere so she wanted to try it out.  It was a fun series of images:

Portrait photography of girl swinging camera in Washington Park, Denver, ColoradoThis old green wall made a cool urban/grunge backdrop:Portrait photography of girl leaning against green wall in Washington Park, Denver, ColoradoI took this picture standing on a rock a couple feet into the Wash Park pond.  I needed to get back further and this was my only option :) :Portrait photography of girl leaning against green wall in Washington Park, Denver, Coloradoheadshot portrait photography of girl in Washington Park, Denver, ColoradoI LOVE this image!!  It's so Liz!:headshot portrait photography of girl laughing with hand in hair in Washington Park, Denver, ColoradoThis image has a great timeless feel to me that I really like:

headshot portrait photography of girl in Washington Park, Denver, ColoradoIt was really cold that morning and Liz had to blow into her hands to keep from turning blue:portrait photography of girl blowing into hands in Washington Park, Denver, Coloradoportrait photography of girl looking off into distance in Washington Park, Denver, ColoradoThis is my other favorite from the day.  I added a cross-processed film effect to this to give it the feel I wanted:portrait photography of girl leaning against wall in Washington Park, Denver, Colorado

Denver Portrait Photography: Katelyn, Abby, and 'Flipper' at Washington Park

A friend of mine that I have worked with in Breckenridge asked me to photograph some portraits of his daughter's Katelyn and Abby.  We also took some of Flipper with the kids.  I suggested Washington Park as the location for the session and we agreed to meet there in the late afternoon.  The girls were a little reluctant and I had to work some smiles out of Abby but we got some great pictures and had a fun time.  Flipper strongly prefers black and white images and I processed a lot of the photos with this in mind.

Tickling is always a good way to get a reaction out of young girls. :)

Click below to see the rest of their portrait session.

So cute! The colors of the dresses stood out really well against the foliage and flowers in the park.

A trip to a jungle gym can yield some nice portrait settings.

As you can see, Abby is still somewhat in the "hold on tight to Daddy" stage.  I am really glad we were able to get the family dog, Hershey, in to the photos.

During a lifestyle portrait session, I never put my cameras away until the client has left the location.  If I did, I would have missed this candid moment of Katelyn giving her younger sister a big smooch on the lips while waiting for a crosswalk light to change.  This is one of my favorite series from the session.

This is such a precious father-daughter moment and the black and white treatment keeps the focus on the relationship.  I love the look in Abby's eyes as she looks up at her dad.