Rhodes Family Portraits | Vail Portrait Photographer, Vail Children's Photographer

My friend and colleague Syd had never had professional photographs taken of her and her family so we set up a session last week in the studio.  Syd has an adorable little guy named Oliver who we were able to pull away from his chicken nuggets just long enough to get some great images.  Whenever I take photos of families with young children, I make sure to get some interaction going beyond the typical "Everyone sit there and look at me" posing.  Oliver responded well to tickling mom and dad and being tickled. :)  I love the look of black and white images in the studio because there aren't any distractions to take away from my subjects.  When I showed Syd the final photographs, she cried and reminded me why I am a professional photographer.  I know that she is going to be able to treasure these moments for the rest of her life and that is the ultimate payment for my work. Tech info:  These were lit with a Alien Bees Einstein 640 fired through a medium sized softbox on camera left.  Triggered with a standard Pocket Wizard PlusII.

How to get cute children's photos | Sloane in the Rain at Arrabelle Square in Vail | Denver Children's Photographer

Give them a large umbrella and have them play in the rain!  Impromptu portrait sessions often yield some of my favorite work.  We were up in Vail and the rain began coming down while we waited for our hotel room to be ready and little Sloane wanted to go play in the puddles.  She loves umbrellas and was being entirely too cute with the one she had, running around and splashing in the puddles and twirling the umbrella all over the place.  One of the great benefits of professional camera gear is the ability to keep photographing when it's raining because you can get some great stuff.  If only adults could be this entertained by a little rain...

I wish I could say I set this up... I love how it looks like an umbrella with feet!

Of course Sloane wanted to carry both umbrellas in the elevator...even thought they were almost as big as she is.  On a side note, I love this elevator and can't wait to photograph a wedding in the Arrabelle hotel!