Cupcakes from My Big Fat Cupcake

I really love cupcakes and today I got to sample some from My Big Fat Cupcake in Cherry Creek.  Check them out for a great cupcake.  They have a ton of awesome flavors.  Today I tried the M&M and the Oreos cupcakes.  It's hard to tell in this picture, but the cupcakes are about 1.5 times the size of your typical cupcake, thus the name.  They are great as an alternative to wedding cake and you can really have any flavors you want.3 cupcakes with a Love sign behind them at My Big Fat Cubcake in Cherry Creek

Green Wedding Photographer and Green Weddings

Since I started my business, I have had it in mind to make a commitment to maintaining a low impact on the environment.  I keep an eye on green guides and try to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.  You can read about some of the ways Jesse Starr Photography stays green as a business at my Green/Environmental Statement page. For a while now, I have decided that I want to have an environmentally-friendly wedding when the time comes so I am often researching this area and one of the best sources of information is The Green Bride Guide.  A good starting point for couples looking to have a green wedding is the Green Weddings 101 page.

The following picture is a good reason for wanting to go green and minimizing your impact on the Earth:

Echo Lake on Mt. Evans in Colorado