John and Brooke | Beaver Creek Heirloom Wedding Album

  John and Brooke's gorgeous hand-made heirloom wedding album arrived and I was able to present it to them in person.  It may sound cheesy but I can honestly say that few things give me as much joy as seeing my clients hold and view their album for the first time.  Here are some images of the album.  They went with a green custom album box and a black leatherette cover. 2013-02-21_0001 2013-02-21_0002 2013-02-21_0003 2013-02-21_0004 2013-02-21_0005 2013-02-21_0006 2013-02-21_0007 2013-02-21_0008 2013-02-21_0009 2013-02-21_0010